2010: The Year in Pictures

In January I hopped across the Pacific Pond to tropically urban Hong Kong

for Laurel’s 20th Birthday:

Then, I headed to frosty Beijing and celebrated the birthday of a new friend, David Razum:

We all became friends and set out to see the ancient city:

And on Chinese New Years I watched in awe as Beijing exploded around me.

It was electric, adrenaline-packed, and surreal:

Oh, and we spent hours eating French Fries, drinking German beers, and having memorable conversations at the Pass By Bar:

In March, I journeyed to Thailand to kiss an orangutan

hang out with a tiger

taunt a monkey

and have Jack the Bulldog tattooed on my back

In April, I journeyed up the Great Wall at Simatai

for the second time

and was pretty proud of it

But I was unable to master the art of riding a three-person bike

In May, I couchsurfed in Guilin and Yangshuo and hiked amongst terraced rice fields

David Razum and I biked past decent scenery

to a bridge from the Ming Dynasty

with a tolerable view

I saw a stone that wanted to be an elephant

and found a peaceful courtyard in Dali.

and, inspired by Laurel, took a few good pictures like this

and this

I hiked Tiger Leaping Gorge

where I saw my best sunrise of the year

and was humbled by the scale and size of nature

I went to the biggest Buddhist temple outside of Tibet

and spied this sneaker-clad monk

I spent my 21st birthday at a crystal blue lake

Lake Lugu, China

where matriarchy reigns

frogs are finger food

and the scenery and views force you to just sit back and breathe

And then I came back to good ol’ United States

to play volleyball with friends

and family

(in the San Juan Islands)

In the fall, I traveled to Old Rag in Shenandoah National Park with some remarkable people

and I prepared to fire a cannon

while at Gettysburg Battlefield with Brodi

I ran a marathon in October

took an awkward photo

and stuck out my tongue for some used gum

And in December, I finished my penultimate semester at Georgetown, retreated back to Gig Harbor with family, created a pretentious blog, and smiled.

The End.



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5 responses to “2010: The Year in Pictures

  1. That’s quite a year! Lovely photos, especially of Guilin and Yunnan, two places in China I’ve always wanted to visit but haven’t yet!

    • Thanks Malin — yeah Guilin and Yunnan were both on my China bucket list too — I’m sure you’ll make it there someday–the bike ride in Yangshuo (near Guilin) to the bridge shown in the pictures was one highlight that I would recommend to everyone.

  2. Rebecca C

    Lovely photos! And what a lot of travelling and experiencing you’re doing in this young part of your life. Good job. Touching tongues with the gum wall: who could ask for more. (And all that other stuff too.)

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