Weekend Links, part 2

1. If you want to read, click here and check out “Generation Why?”

An Excerpt:

In Facebook, as it is with other online social networks, life is turned into a database, and this is a degradation, Lanier argues, which is “based on [a] philosophical mistake…the belief that computers can presently represent human thought or human relationships. These are things computers cannot currently do.”

We know the consequences of this instinctively; we feel them. We know that having two thousand Facebook friends is not what it looks like. We know that we are using the software to behave in a certain, superficial way toward others. We know what we are doing “in” the software. But do we know, are we alert to, what the software is doing to us? Is it possible that what is communicated between people online “eventually becomes their truth”? What Lanier, a software expert, reveals to me, a software idiot, is what must be obvious (to software experts): software is not neutral. Different software embeds different philosophies, and these philosophies, as they become ubiquitous, become invisible.

2. If you want to laugh, click here and see “Domestic Conflict Explained by Stock Photos.”

3. If Dave Niehaus, the Mariners, or Seattle were a part of your childhood, watch this and try not to get nostalgic:

my city, my city, childhood, my life, niehaus, my oh my.

4. And to hear my music obsession of the week, John Prine, watch here [skip ahead to 1:30 to hear the music]:

**If you missed the first part in this series, it is just one click away!**

Have a great three day weekend. Pull out the bucket list and try something new.

(I will be away from blogging until next Tuesday, January 18.)


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